Could the Path to Health Be This Simple?

I used to think I knew what made someone healthy.

What I’ve learned from being a Health Coach is that everything I thought it took to be healthy was totally wrong.

It may not seem like telling you that you’re wrong is a great way to start but here is why you and I being wrong is the best news ever! There is a paradigm shift happening all around us these days. Can you feel it? I know I can. And I can’t ignore it.

Last week, I was sitting with one of my clients. She’s wonderful and I love her spirit. What I love most about her is her vulnerability that she doesn’t even know she has. You see, she’s just like you: a mom, in her early 40’s, married to a great guy who loves her, has her work, her friends, her church, her books and her cat. But there’s still something missing. And that is why she came to me.

What she thinks is missing is the ability to lose the weight that she’s still carrying. But here is the paradigm shift I was telling you about. Here is the dirty little secret that’s so elegantly simple you may miss it when I tell you. You may even write me off when I explain what it really takes to be healthy and well.

But first let me paint a picture for you.

Imagine waking up with a calm sense of peace and ease. Imagine your body is rested; stiffness and pain is a thing of the past. Imagine your heart is confident and happy; your mind is sharp and ready for the day. Imagine breakfast and kids and the whole morning routine is effortlessly good. Not perfect, just not a mad dash.

Imagine you have time for food. Imagine you have time for (dare I say it) yourself.

You may think I’m nuts for saying that but if you’re anything like me or like most of my clients, I know that you don't put yourself first.

This is what I do know to be universally true. Here is the paradigm shift and the secret that helped me lose 35 pounds, and has helped my clients lose weight, have more energy but most importantly have wellness of spirit: Surrender and be happy.

Live a life that you LOVE. Then and only then will you lose weight. Then and only then will the choices to build a healthy body flow effortlessly. Not the other way around. “I won’t be happy until I lose the weight ” will not get to where your heart really longs to go. Instead, surrender, love yourself and your life and then we can go from there.

I'm excited to be here blogging and sharing health and wellness ideas with you once a month. I'd love to hear from you. What are your needs? What would you like to know about more? Let me know in the comments!

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