Challenging An Oldster Way of Thinking

Last weekend, my son was the Best Man at a friend’s wedding.  The thing is, my son had never met this “friend” before.  He didn’t even know his name until after he was asked to be a part of the wedding.

We all whine about the fact that technology has made our lives lonely and isolated.  We can shop from home and have pretty much anything delivered to our front door (I once found a tire on our porch with a mailing label stuck on it!).   Our entertainment (movies, books, and games) also come directly into our houses.  And, we can even work from home.  In fact, we’d probably never have to leave our houses if we didn’t want to. 

We spend so much time indoors that it’s rare today to see neighbors chatting over a fence while their kids play in the yard.  We were rarely inside when I was growing up and we oldsters tend to look back on those days with a proud, lofty feeling.  But, the fact of the matter was that being inside was boring!  There wasn’t much to do inside back then.

Today, those rocks and sticks we played with outside would have a hard time competing with the amazing collection of entertainment, games, and just plain information that is now at our kids’ fingertips.  The whole world is open to them at the touch of a button.  And, it’s all inside.

That is why I love the stories where people find a way to connect, not only in spite of technology, but because of it. 

My friend, Cordelia, has been single as long as I’ve known her.  Drop-dead gorgeous, she had never hit it off with any of the guys she ran across in her daily life.  Not into the bar scene, she worked hard, cooked gourmet meals for her friends, and enjoyed online gaming.    Where was she supposed to meet someone with the same interests she has? 

About a year ago, while playing a game online, she “met” a fellow gamer.  She was struck by his positive attitude and his kindness and good manners.  They soon began looking forward to talking to each other while playing their game.  That led to daily phone calls.  And, recently she flew to Louisiana to meet him in person and to meet his family.

Without technology, Cordelia would never have had the opportunity to meet this amazing young man who lives so far away.  They found a way to “talk over the fence” online with thousands of miles separating them.

Like Cordelia, my son likes to unwind after work by online gaming.  While playing a new game, he too connected with a fellow player.  They had the same sense of humor and had a blast cracking jokes and “saving the world”.  One day, his new friend asked Paul if he would be his Best Man and added, “Oh, by the way, my name is Chris.”

Paul was honored to be asked.  He hopped on his Harley, drove to southern Idaho, and was the Best Man at the wedding.  He had a ball.  Chris’ family welcomed him with open arms and he made new friends he’ll keep forever.  (Oh, and it was an OUTDOOR wedding).

So, even if we’re not outside as much anymore.  Even if there’s more to keep us entertained inside than ever before.  We are still God’s children.  And, no matter how technological we become, we will always find ways to connect with our sisters and brothers. 

That’s what All Mom Does is all about too.  And, I love that.

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