Marriage Lessons from Grandma

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

My “something borrowed” was my wedding day.

On the same day that we said “I do,” my grandparents celebrated their 58th anniversary.  So this Saturday, while the rest of you are celebrating Flag Day, Rusty and I will be celebrating 9 years of marriage and my grandparents will be celebrating 67.

Since most of us can agree that 67 years together is mighty impressive, I thought this week I’d reflect on lessons I’ve learned from my Grandma – to give me the best chance possible of making it to 67 years myself.

  1. Joy & Contentment.  Grandma doesn’t complain.  That doesn’t mean that life has been perfect or easy.  But I know that she believes it has been good.  And you know what else she does?  She laughs.  A lot.  A bowl of ice cream, a cup of coffee, a game of cards, and good company.  These are the things that matter.  They are enough.  I bet it’s easier to live with a wife who has that kind of outlook than the opposite.
  2. Respect.  I have never heard Grandma complain about Grandpa.  Not to him, and not to others.  She respects him, she speaks her mind, she is strong, but she is a blessing to him.  Grandpa has never had to live on the roof to avoid his quarrelsome wife (Proverbs 21:9).
  3. Loyalty.  Grandma doesn’t juggle too many things.  She’s loyal to her husband and her family, and when she needs to do something, she just does it.  When Grandpa has had health issues and needed attending, she just did what she needed to do for him.  When things needed attention at home, she did them.  She has kept her marriage and family as her first priorities, and has never let anything nudge them out of the top spots.

I thought it would be fun way to celebrate this anniversary by making a blogger out of my grandma and asking her to share her best advice for making marriage last.  And she answered me with a poem, because that’s what Grandma does.

A marriage can last for many years

Through various situations

There may be some smiles and tears

You can control by understanding and patience.


Be grateful for every day

And know it as a Blessing

To be together through work and play

And accomplish some goals so stressing.


"Until Death Do Us Part" is a vow you took,

Be honest and true all your life,

And make each day an open book

And enjoy being husband and wife.

-Ollie Johnson

Friends, did you catch that last part?

Enjoy being husband and wife. 

How simple is that?  Yet how often does that little piece get shoved aside, maybe even completely forgotten, in the busy-ness of this season?  I think that’s a lesson I need to keep in my pocket to carry me through until my own 67th anniversary.

Thanks, Grandma.

Happy Flag Day, everyone!

And Happy Anniversary, Gil & Ollie.

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