Our herbs, veggies and cutting garden are officially in.  I call it my salsa garden because I like to go out and pluck tomatoes, green onions, and cilantro fresh from the garden and with a bit of minced garlic and lime juice=instant salsa party! I decided to plant tomatoes again, which is a big deal in my world, because a couple years ago, we experienced "TOMATOGEDDON."  We got 200+lbs of tomatoes, unexpectedly.  It was a bumper crop that sent me door to door daily, with flats of tomatoes, and finally forced me into a corner in the fetal position, sucking my thumb and crying for my mommy- who then arrived on my doorstep, apron in hand, and helped me can those things. 

Then, my missionary friend stripped the vines of all the green tomatoes that were still mocking me and threatening to never end, and took them home to her window sill and reported later, that they were delicious.  By then I didn't care.  I didn't plant any tomatoes the following year but two plants rose up from the dirt and produced- I am not even lying.  I had nightmares about tomatoes chasing me out of the garden.  True story. 

Anyway, we planted pole beans because they always grow well and we wash and freeze them for the winter months.  I also grow tons of spring greens like arugula and lettuce.  It comes back a few times after cuttings and we always have more than we need.  We didn't grow carrots this year.  We did put in our standard herbs like rosemary and basil and sage.  Just the ones we use.  And we planted a fantastic cutting garden in the front half of each raised bed, because I believe in placing fresh flowers in jars whenever I can.  Zinnias are our favorites and grow until the fall season.  They make lovely hostess gifts when you've been invited over for a BBQ. 

Now, a little about my yard.  Adrain and I aren't really city-yard types.  We don't care overmuch for mowing, edging and perfection.  Both of us were country kids and I grew up on a gravel road.  At one point my dad "hired" our neighbors ponies to come eat our backyard grass because he didn't like to mow.  Do you see what I'm getting at here?  (I could write an entire post about those poor ponies. Like how we took turns jumping from our tree house onto their backs like the Lone Ranger. I'm not saying we were the brightest kids on the block but it sure was fun. Until they decided they had enough and started bucking us off. We didn't care for that so much. We still fed them carrots from the garden when mom wasn't looking though.)

My point.  Our yard and garden is a work in progress and we only spend so much time on it among doing life with these busy kiddos. I do have a plan.  It's a color scheme that I've been incorporating little by little each year.  Blues, greens, purples and whites.  I replanted lavender after my last doggy ate it all.  I'm working on getting peonies again after my first doggy ate that!  My favorite things are peonies, lavender, lilacs, and hydrangeas.  I want all of those in my yard eventually but so far only have the hydrangeas and lavender. 

Our garden/campfire pit area is the best place in our yard.  We love this spot as the garden begins to bloom.  It feels like a little evening hideaway in the city and many deep conversations have happened around that fire pit.  I lined the fence with lights and it's so fun and cozy at night.  I also did an inexpesive ombre spray paint treatment on our plastic adirondack chairs because I hate them and I wanted to like them better. So, each chair is a varying shade of blue.

It's more about the feeling in our yard (cozy and welcoming) than about perfectly sculpted edges and such.  It's a come as you are space and we like that.  Now let's just cross our fingers about those tomato plants this year, shall we?!

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