50 Days Until Summer

The sun is shining and our desire to get fit and healthy increases. Cleanses and fad diets have never been my “thing”. It always seems like a great idea until day one comes and I decide that perhaps I will try it another time. I like to be able to have a scone with my morning coffee or a cupcake at a birthday party without being tormented by the fact that I “cheated”. Here are five healthy ways I've found to live life that are easy and painless.

1) Drink Water! I constantly carry a re-usable water bottle around with me. I basically chug a whole bottle of water before every meal and throughout the day I am always refilling it. Yes, you will become familiar with where the bathrooms are everywhere you go.

2) Wear a Pedometer! If you have an office job you will be shocked at how few steps you take on days where you are sitting in meetings. It’s a great wake up call to get moving! Aim for 10,000 steps a day. Keep in mind, that things like chasing kids around, hauling laundry up and down stairs and even parking a little further away while running errands all count towards your goal!

3) Plan your Meals! I don’t know about you but if I go to work without any food packed, chances are I am going to make some poor decisions. I take about 6 minutes each night to pack things for the next day. I take instant oatmeal and pour it (dry) into a Tupperware and add walnuts. All I have to do when I get to work is add the hot water. For lunch, I try to eat a protein, typically chicken, and a veggie like broccoli and sometimes rice (the 60 second microwave kind is ideal for me). Lately, I am loving the Costco Coconut Curry sauce. I take my cooked chicken, steamed veggie and cooked rice and throw it in with the sauce. So good! I like to eat so I am also sure to bring snacks. Almonds, peeled oranges (because yes, I am often too lazy during the day to peel them) and yogurt are some of my favorites. Just to be clear, I also tend to have graham crackers and tootsie rolls daily. I never said I was perfect!

4)  My Fitness Pal! This app will help you track calories in and calories out. On days where I have an almond croissant with my morning coffee, I log it and then it reminds me that I better get some extra activity in during that day. It helps me to stay balanced.

5) Be Social! What I mean by this is to get your group of friends, your spouse, your kids or whomever to be invested in a healthy lifestyle with you. My girlfriends and I love to meet for wine nights whenever we can. But we also try to meet on Saturday mornings for a walk or cardio class. Again, it’s all about the balance!

Summer is approaching! My challenge for you is to start incorporating these rules today. I guarantee you will begin looking and feeling like a better version of yourself!

Are there any other health tips you live by?

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  1. Kristina Slaney posted on 05/01/2014 04:30 PM
    Totally intrigued by this coconut curry sauce at Costco. What section is it in? *Please ignore the fact that your whole post was about fitness but all I am focused on is the food.*
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