Top 10 Time Savers

I LOVE finding ways to save my family time and money. Here are my top 10.

1. I get my milk delivered from Smith Brothers Farms – this has eliminated the need for mid-week grocery store runs. Not only has this saved us an incredible amount of time but has also helped to save our grocery budget. How often do you go to the store for 1 thing and then get 7? Plus, our son LOVES to help us carry in the milk each week. He gets his toy shopping cart out, puts the milk in and brings it to the fridge for me.


2. I love my crockpot. We just got this new one that makes cleaning a breeze because it is not ceramic. Prep the night before, put it in the crockpot and voila - a great meal when we get home. Hamilton Beach Stovetop Slow Cooker - Black/silver (6 Quart)

3. Grocery Delivery. On those extra crazy, can’t-get my-act-together-to-grocery-shop-on-the-weekend weeks I use Safeway grocery delivery. Time saver. And, again it keeps me out of the store and eliminates those impulse purchases.

4. Auto bill pay. I set all my bills up to be auto pay. Amazing.

5. We all have our jobs around the house. Everyone has a job to do and they are just expected to do it. Right now this really just applies to myself and my husband but my 2 ½ year old son has to help daddy with the garbage and he has to help me take in the milk. My 9 month old daughter is off the hook for now but she does help me clean the floors. Look, mom, another crumb!

6. I use my chest freezer. We shop Costco every 6-8 weeks to stock up and then just use the grocery store for the filler items.

7. Errand planning. When I know I’m going to a certain area I think about all the other things I could possible do in that area while we are there. Saves time and gas!

8. Our mornings are crazy with two little ones so I take my showers at night. We also try to prep our lunches the night before. We’re not always great at it but it does help when we are.

9. Two diaper bags. When we had my daughter we made 2 diaper bags. This way there is usually 1 that is stocked with the right size clothes, diapers AND wipes and snacks for our toddler.

10. E-Meals. I use e-meals for help with my menu planning. They usually do the work and then I just have to print the grocery list. Their app is great too. I don’t always use the meals they plan but it is a great starting point and keeps things fresh and new for us.

What are some things you do to save time and money for your family? I’d love to hear them!

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