Meet the Moms: Stephanie O'Farrell

I took a quiz on Facebook the other day entitled, "How Old Are You Really?"

My result was 42.

.....I'm 31.

The age gap here really didn’t shock me. I am a full time working mom with two small kids. One of those kids I nurse full time which means I carve out about 40 minutes a day for "mom time" at work. My day is filled with meetings, attempts at finding desk time to actually work and then more meetings. Somehow though I always find time to eat! After my professional day is done,  mommy mode starts

I volunteer at church every Sunday.

Sometimes I remember to say hi and I love you to my husband as we team up to ensure our 3 year old and 7 month old are happy and cared for. I have been together with my husband for eight years and married for five years. He is supportive, funny and he cooks. He also leaves his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor and has a love for football that stresses me out. We want to raise our kids with Jesus being at the center of all of our lives which is why I have really grown the last few years in my relationship with Christ.

I love working out. Now, before you stop reading this, hear me out. I also love to eat. (Remember, I always make time in my busy day to eat!) I don’t have an interest in dieting. Instead, I moderately run and try to take a hot yoga or Body Attack class a couple times a week. Yes, Body Attack. And it’s just as it sounds. Lunges, push-ups, jumps, squats and so on. It’s painful but fun. I am having a much harder time with my weight after baby #2. I wonder if that has anything to do with my love of food?

I love my kids and I also love having “me” time. Preferably a manicure or a dinner out with my girlfriends but I will settle for 10 minutes of silence in order to clean out my closet. If given the choice between a late night out on the town and a quiet night at home, I would choose the latter. I’m starting to really understand that 11 year age gap now.

This life makes me tired. (Apparently, to the point of aging me 11 years.) This life also makes me happy, challenged, stressed and closer to Jesus than I have ever been.

While writing this, my son woke up asking for a total of: 1 glass of water, 2 songs and 1 warning to tell me of the monster in his room.

I’m Stephanie and I am a real mom. I plan on bringing honesty, laughter as well as tips and tricks. I don’t know it all nor do I pretend to. That is why I am excited we are doing this together!

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