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When I was seventeen I fell hard for a tall boy in Levi's and a Letterman jacket in my English class. I was the new girl, having moved from Montana, where I was born and raised, and his brown eyes made me feel all swoony and weak-kneed. I kept my head down and somewhat shyly poured my heart into my art and writing classes. He teased me unmercifully, and eventually talked me into that first date. I had no idea that we'd be married during his second year of college. Eighteen years and two kids later, I find myself married to my best friend, the mother to two tweens, a blogger and an Etsy shop owner. I shake my head in wonder at the delightful way God plans and works things out.

I still remember a rainy spring day in 2008, I sat down and Googled, "how to create a blog". I hadn't given it much thought really, I simply started an account and began writing. What I never counted on, was making actual real-life friends in the process. I also didn't plan on learning about photography and loving it. As I photographed bits and pieces of things, and life from new angles, I began to see the beauty in the every day. Something inside my heart blossomed and I fell in love with my creative side, not to mention that I learned how to be thankful in a new and very real way. That in turn, has shaped my faith and my walk with God.

As we get to know each other, I'll be sharing the deeper turns of my heart, with (probably, way too many) photographs, alongside my love for hosting celebrations, living gluten free, documenting memories, and decorating my itty-bitty nest on a slim budget. The general nutshell you should probably know about me, is that I love fresh flowers, cowgirl boots, white candles, cleaning, (I know- not normal) campfires in my backyard, collecting vintage cameras, watching Downtown Abbey, spending time with girlfriends, picnics in any season, following my man and his broad shoulders up mountain trails in the summer, book club (in which we sometimes actually even read a book), road trips, salted caramel anything, hosting a house full of loved ones in my home, feeding people, being thrifty, and browsing Pinterest for inspiration. (This list could go on and on. For days, people.) (Incidentally, I do not love spiders, dreary skies or cheesecake.) (Can we still be friends on that cheesecake one?) The only thing I ever really wanted to be when I grew up, was a mother. There's a lot I could share about each of my kids at the risk of sounding like an annoying Christmas newsletter, but you'll get to know them better as we chat each week. For now, I'll just share that my son Joe is almost 13 and my daughter Ava is nearly 11. I love being a mother, and it's sure taught me all the places I need to keep working on! (Amen?) I'm ordinarily a wide-open book of raw vulnerability and have laughingly admitted to "just vomiting my heart all out on the page." The way I look at it, we're all kind of in this thing together and encouraging each other by being real and transparent connects us. I feel so honored by the chance to blog with these other fantastic ladies and I sure look forward to getting to know you, as we do life together.

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  1. Bryn Shoffstall posted on 02/08/2014 04:44 PM
    Sasha, you even vomit gracefully!! I feel like I have known you for so long already and can not wait to hear how God blesses and stretches you each week! Thanks for the encouragement you already are!
    1. Lemonade Makin Mama posted on 02/09/2014 08:04 PM
      @Bryn Shoffstall Bryn I just adore ya girl. It really does feel like we have known each other for ages. That dear friend, is a rare gift.
  2. Rhonda Blankenship posted on 02/08/2014 04:45 PM
    Hi Sasha,
    I have been following your lemonademakinmama blog for a while now and I am totally not a blog person but something about yours drew me in the first time I stumbled across it. I'm not even sure how I found you unless it was pinterest. I am really excited for you to have this opportunity because I believe you have so much to offer readers with your heartfelt revelations and confessions and most of all, your faith in God!! Every time I get the email with your latest post, it's like a little mini present that I can't wait to open and read. I feel like I know you and your family because you make it so real and relatable. So from all the way over here in Smith Mountain Lake, VA I wish you and the other moms all the best with your new venture and keep up the great work! You got this girl! :D
    1. Lemonade Makin Mama posted on 02/09/2014 08:06 PM
      @Rhonda Blankenship Rhonda I am blessed like crazy by your sweet encouragement! Thank you so much girl. Always love hearing from you.
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