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What is the Secret Sound Contest?

The SPIRIT 105.3 Secret Sound! It's FUN and it'll even put some money in your wallet! Listen for the Secret Sound in the morning with Steve & Amy (6am-9am), in middays with Sarah Taylor (11am-2pm) and in the afternoon with Ana Kelly (2pm-7pm) if you can guess what’s making the sound, be the correct caller at 1-877-275-1053 for your chance to win! If nobody guesses correctly, the prize grows by $105 each day!!


Recent Secret Sound Guesses:

  • Barking dog
  • Cracking a whip
  • Chair scooting
  • Handheld airhorn
  • Sneakers on a wet floor
  • Armpit noise
  • Wild turkey
  • Chair rolling across a floor
  • Sneakers screeching on floor
  • Barking seal
  • sliding a chair
  • Turkey call
  • a fox
  • Stool scooting on the floor
  • Raking leaves
  • air brakes on a commercial truck
  • Squealing brakes
  • Nail getting pulled out of wood
  • Dog barking
  • Popping a cork
  • Rubbing your finger on a window
  • Rubbing your fingers on a balloon
  • Elephant
  • Popping the clutch in your car
  • Bike horn
  • Letting air out of a balloon

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