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Paul Fredricks in Middays

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Paul Fredricks
in Middays

9:00 am - 11:00 am

Saturdays 2pm-7pm
Sundays 2pm-5pm

Paul- “I want to grow up to be downhill ski racer!”
God- “Uh, you live in Iowa. Hey, I have an idea….
Paul- “This is cool, I’m only 12 and I get to be the voice of “Meaty Mike, The Golden Sun Pig” on radio and TV!”
God- “I thought you’d have fun with that.”
Paul- “I think I’ll go to college and become a mechanical engineer.”
God- “How’d that work out?”
Paul- “I failed and dropped out.”
God- “Yah, not part of my plan. Try a smaller school.”
Paul- “I got my degree in Broadcasting and Public Relations.”
God- “I knew you could do it. How’s the radio job in Sioux City”?
Paul- “I’m off to a radio gig in California! They gave me the funny name Tall Paul.”
God- “You doing OK?”
Paul- “I’m moving to Seattle. Tall Paul’s gonna work at the big country music station.”
God- “Hello?”
Paul- “Hey God, it’s Paul….been a while. My heart is broken. I’m really lonely. I need YOU.”
God- “I love you. Hang in there, I have a plan.”
Paul- “Thank you, God! Heather is beautiful! I think she’s the one.”
God- “I knew you’d like her.”
Paul- “Thank you, God, for Bradley and Hayden, our two big, strong, handsome boys!”
God- “My pleasure.”
Paul- “I got laid off today, due to the economy…I don’t know what to do.”
God- “Be patient, I have a plan.”
Paul- “It’s been four years…I’m trying not to panic.”
God- “Why don’t you come work with me at Spirit 105-3.”
Paul- “Seriously? But, I can’t… I need to… I should of… I haven’t… maybe if I could…. no, wait I would have to….”
God- “Don’t worry. I have a plan…”


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