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Matt StockmanMatt Stockman

Saturdays 8am-10am

Matt is the Program Director for SPIRIT 105.3, and his first day ever in the Pacific NW was his first day on the job, in October of 2012. Matt, his wife Juanita, and 4 of their 5 children (Chase, Channing, Mattie, Cole and Macie) most recently served on the mission field with a Christian radio station in Barcelona, Spain. The Stockmans love serving in ministry together, and living out in the country with their horse named Candy, their chickens, and their newfoundland named Beau.  In addition to serving the on air team at SPIRIT 105.3, Matt and his family work with young worship leaders and other Christian radio broadcasters from around the world in leadership development, and excellence in radio.

Joe MichaelsJoe Micheals

Saturdays 4am-7am
Sundays 4am-7am

Joe Micheals is a CRISTA Media veteran... Besides hosting the late night/early morning show on SPIRIT 105.3, Joe has also hosted shows on sister-station AM630 KCIS in Seattle and currently hosting evenings on KWPZ in Bellingham.

From Spokane, Joe's radio career took him to Seattle and San Francisco. You might also recognize his voice from KING-TV's Evening Magazine.

Andrew PlatterAndrew Platter

Sundays 2p-5pm, 6-7pm

Andrew Platter is a northwest native. Growing up in Issaquah, he loves the outdoors and big tall trees. He loves to drink delicious coffee and explore the great Northwest… Andrew has toured the country as a musician and recording artist. Along with being a DJ at SPIRIT 105.3 he is also currently on staff at Bethany Community Church in Seattle, Washington.

Andrew believes that it is a true blessing to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ, it is so exciting to be able to encourage and share that with the SPIRIT family.

Donna ToteyDonna Totey

Morning Show Producer

I’m one of those people who were born and raised in the Seattle area, spending my summer days down at Green Lake and snowy days sledding down our hill.  I loved growing up in the city! I remember J.P. Patches, the Bubbleator at Seattle Center and my favorite radio person, Charlie Brown!

It’s embarrassing but ever since I saw WKRP on TV, I’ve wanted to be in radio. I’ve been at SPIRIT 105.3 for a few years and many people here have seen my two teenage boys, Nick and Sam grow up.   I’ve been the morning show producer for a few years now and I joke that it’s my job to make Steve & Amy sound like geniuses (not like they need any help.) 

My husband Jeff and I love movies and pop culture and you may remember my “Mom at the Movies” feature. He’s a huge fan of Disney and until recently, every single trip that we took in our many years of marriage involved Disney in some way (including our honeymoon!)  Our family is all about fun, whether it’s playing games, watching movies or going for a weekend getaway.  Nicolas and Sam are so great to hang out with and we’re just grateful that they still want to tell us what’s going on in their lives. 

  • It's time to celebrate our independence! My dad used to be the announcer at our local fireworks show when I lived in Minnesota and I always remember the fun of those family outings. We'd gather our picnic blanket and sit on the college football field, ready to be oohed and ahed by the dazzling lights.

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