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Martha has a very diverse background and has worked in a variety of fields. She is from Springfield, Missouri, where most of her family still resides. Martha is from a musical and artistic family and has fond memories of playing in a steel drum band with her family in Trinidad, where she spent part of her childhood. Martha has been on SPIRIT 105.3 for over 20 years. Martha enjoys long walks, cycling, crafts, drawing, reading, movies and concerts.

Martha's Latest Blogs

  • A Fresh Start

    Spring is finally here! With the official first day of spring next week on Thursday March 20, we can leave the dark days of winter behind and revel in the sunny pastels of spring flowers and budding trees. Read More
  • Let the Wind Blow

    It was a chilly, blustery day and the wind seemed to be blowing from every direction as it swirled the leaves around me. Zipping up my jacket, I stepped up my pace as I walked through the park, and was thankful for the soft warm scarf around my neck... Read More
  • Autumn Leaves

    Colorful, crunchy leaves underfoot and crisp, juicy apples... The signs of autumn are all around us. There’s a cool crispness to the air - and an aroma we've missed during the summer months…wood burning in the fireplace. Read More
  • Never Too Far Gone

    We got a call from Carmella. She wanted to hear the thought from Mr. Rogers that was shared just a moment ago. In a trembling voice she shared that things were not going well and it felt hopeless between her and her husband. Read More

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