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What Motivates You to be Healthy?
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I could say I’d like to fit in my old jeans this year or I want to look better in a swimsuit this summer, but it’s this picture of my family that is the true motivation.

A couple of years ago my health was at an all time low. I had gained 30 pounds from my two pregnancies and found out I had two degenerated disks in my lower back. It was a very dark time in my life. I wasn’t able to keep my house together, play with my daughters, go to the gym or do any sort of exercise. My relationship with my husband was suffering because he was doing EVERYTHING.  I wasn’t sleeping well and frankly I was a complete mess.  For the first time ever I realized what losing your health does to your life, it erodes it slowly. I asked God for his help and vowed that when I get my health back I would never take it for granted and I would never let it slip away again.

I’m an older Mom and I want to be there someday to see my girls walk down the aisle and God willing meet my future grandchildren. Now, if they wait til’ they’re 40 to get married like their Mommy did, I’ll be 80 years old by the time that happens! So keeping my health in check is a necessity if I want to reach all those amazing family milestones.



  • Ana is a lot like you. She enjoys sharing stories that are uplifting and bring joy. She is proud of her father, uncle and husband who have all served in the military. She loves baking cookies and banana bread with her daughters Lucy and Kennedy or snuggling with them on the couch watching a good movie. She is very active and enjoys snowboarding and walking the family pug, Geno. Tune in on-air to hear more from Ana!

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  1. ScottO posted on 01/16/2013 10:31 AM
    you are not alone
    1. Ana K posted on 03/14/2013 11:55 PM
      @ScottO Thanks Scott. You are a blessing! :)
  2. AdrienneA posted on 01/16/2013 10:44 AM
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. We all need to let each other know what we are dealing with and how our Faith and God help us change for the better.
    1. Ana K posted on 03/14/2013 11:55 PM
      @AdrienneA Thanks Adrienne! So true......faith and the love of God are key to any kind of success! God bless :)
  3. M SheenV posted on 01/16/2013 01:31 PM
    There's always hope for tomorrow. We have these words given to us so we can, through endurance and encouragement have the ability to stand up under heavy pressure and hold on, like a weightlifter who raises a barbell and holds it over his head. Hope gives us unknown and unfamiliar strength to perservere, and move closer to your goals in life. Anticipation as well. We all wait eagerly in expectation for the Sons of God to be revealed to us. I so look forward to that day when the resurrected and glorified saints willl stand face to face with their God in glory. What a great day that will be. By God's grace we can look forward to each succeeding day. We can look forward with Hope, Peace and Joy. In Christ, Life is a wonderful blessing to be lived in the sure hope of better things to come, so we need to stay healthy in life-spirit, and soul. Each day brings us closer to glory. With each passing day, the anticipation builds in the creature world, as the time for the revealing of God's sons draw near. We know that when He appears, we shall be like Him, because we will see Him as He is. Healthy hearts lead us to healthy life. Healthy sould lead us to Healthy living in Heaven.
    1. Ana K posted on 03/14/2013 11:52 PM
      @M SheenV Amen! Well put :)
  4. DebbieB_5661 posted on 01/16/2013 08:34 PM
    Hi Ana ,
    I am also wanting to b healthy for my family! I am now a Grandmother, who would love to be able to share my love of hiking and the outdoors with my Granddaughters and the other grandchildren I will one day have. I am now in my late 50's and want to be able to be active for a long time to come. The Bible tells us to encourage one another.. so let 's do it..together! Prayinf for encouragement and blessings for you!
    1. Ana K posted on 03/14/2013 11:50 PM
      @DebbieB_5661 Thanks Debbie....there is no better gift that we can give ourselves than the gift of health and well being!! Keep on going.....consider me you new cheerleader! ;) I'm praying for you too! God bless.
  5. MicheleN posted on 01/18/2013 11:49 PM
    The very best goal for the new year of 2013 is to take better steps to healthy living. It is my goal too. As a fifty one year old, I don't always sleep too well. It is a combination of having noisy neighbors above me, being a light sleeper normally and being older. I discovered that if I wake too early (one, ,2 3, or 4 a.m., if I get angry at the loud neighbors, I am tired all day long! If I get up, have a quiet time, read my bible, pray etc., I am energized incredibly! ! I also committed to no longer drinking pop and to drinking a lot more water. I even leave for work about 1 to 2 hours early sometimes so I can walk to the job. I have gone from a size 8 to about a size 6 as a result I have lost maybe at least 20 pounds and feel great. So know when you do achieve your goal, you will feel WONDERFUL! I am sure God will bless your desire to be healthier!
    1. Ana K posted on 03/14/2013 11:47 PM
      @MicheleN Thanks Michele....you are an inspiration to us all! I'm gonna keep fighting the good fight!
  6. JimH_3 posted on 01/21/2013 04:06 AM
    I luv going to d YMCA & enjoying AquaArobics class a few times a week. I have been doing this for about 10 years along with most of my classmates !!! Its good visiting, exorcise for range of motion with low impact, & very nice to relax in the hot-tub & sauna after.
  7. TrishB_2 posted on 02/12/2013 12:20 PM
    Every day that I exercise I circle the date on my calendar. It's a small thing, but seeing those circles all over my calendar makes me feel good.
    1. Ana K posted on 03/14/2013 11:45 PM
      @TrishB_2 Yay!! Keep on going Trish....we are all cheering for you. ;)
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