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About the book:

Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity by Jen Hatmaker

Are you one of the millions who crave a new direction in the church, fed up with religious games, empty promises, and cultural Christianity? You are not alone. You are not crazy. Maybe Jesus is ready to interrupt your life.

This is the Story of my heart, the arc I find most relevant and vital to my generation: God plucked me and my family out of complacent, comfortable, safe Christianity and dropped us into the deep end of struggle, injustice, brokenness and hurting humanity. Whatever used to be soft and squishy about faith gave way to a stunning urgency and painful acknowledgment of the mission at hand.

If you are plagued with tension or discontent or a nagging sense that there must be more – that there has to be a faith somewhere that rings true and hopeful and gracious, a faith other than this mean, ugly, partisan, judgmental self-indulgent version of Christianity – which has to be total bunk – then get down on your knees and thank your lucky stars. God has blessed you with this inner conflict. He has enlisted you in the cause of your generation and is calling you forward.

We can follow our Jesus to every dark, scary, broken place He just insists on going, determined to heal and restore people, because He is a good Savior and we can trust Him. And, as it turns out, as soon as we are willing to be the last, we actually become first. When we admit we are least, we feel like the greatest. And when we lose our lives, we find it all….all the love, all the life, all the thrill, all the fulfillment

God is moving and stirring our generation. Are you ready?

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