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Globetrotter Character Challenge Finalists

A big thank you to all who have entered their essays in the Globetrotter Character Challenge. They were all great, but we could only narrow done the bunch to 11 entries. Here are 11 of the best that were sent in. Now, it's your turn! You get to pick the winning essay! Please read each of the 11 essays below and vote for your favorite. Please pick only one!


Essay #1

Character: “A distinguishing feature or attribute. The complexity of mental and ethical traits marking person or a group.”  The dictionary defines character as this, but digging deeper, and applying this to people, what is character really? How can we show it? Character is traits a person has, but it’s the way a person uses them that shows character.  Someone with good character is honest, wants to help others, takes responsibility for their actions, seeks wisdom, and does what’s right, and overall, shows integrity. David showed good character by being honest, seeking wisdom, and taking responsibility for his sinful actions.

Essay #2

Character is the voice inside of us that helps us to make decisions leading us either to a dark path swollen with twisting vines or one bathed in golden beams. It can snuff out the whispering flame of wicked intent or spark a revolution. Character can ignite a passionate resistance to evil and the headstrong perseverance that can change nations. People I believe show strong character are the military, because they fight and risk their lives for something they believe is worth it. They are determined to win a better world for their people, showing what good character really is.

Essay #3

Character is who you are. What you do when it’s all said and done. What decisions you make when you’re put to the test. Whether you choose right or wrong in the moment of truth. One person who truly has an amazing character is my father. When he faces trials of many kinds and his character is tested he stays firm in Christ and his faith. He always perseveres and helps others to strengthen their character too. So character is who you are. It’s what you choose to be and who you choose to put your trust in.

Essay #4

Being true to yourself no matter what is thrown at you in life and always know you’re never alone. Gods got your back.

Essay #5

What character means to me is that somebody has the ability to do the right thing even when it is hard. I believe that my dad has strong character because he’s been my den leader in Cub scouts for five years, he plays basketball with me, and he teaches me right from wrong. He also teaches me to be a responsible young man, mentally, and physically, and spiritually. So when I grow up I want to be like my dad. I want to have great Character:)

Essay #6

What it means to have character, is to be plain and simply, a person of your word!

Essay #7

Character is very important in someone’s life. Character determines the personality of the person. If I were to say some examples of character, I would say something like attentive, bold, courageous, etc. My dad is a good example of character. He is very strong in his faith in God and is always teaching me the meanings of the Bible. My brother is another example, he’s always active and joking around. My grandpa is always happy and full of joy. I know lots of people with character, and I thank God for all of them.

Essay #8

Nobody has the same character. Some people are funny, determined, loyal; another person can be funny, loyal, and humble. You can’t have all of the same traits as someone else. I think that King David shows good character; he was a godly man. Of course he sinned but, he knew it and asked God to forgive him. People thought he couldn’t be king because he was just a shepherd. He proved everyone wrong; he was a terrific king. I believe that character is somebody’s personality or the way people treat another person. It’s really important to have a good character.

Essay #9

People that show strong character have many good qualities. These people are easily seen throughout our lives. They show qualities like kindness, care for others, honesty, trustworthy, and someone who can be themselves. They don’t fall into peer pressure and can make the right decisions. They are responsible, respectful and always ready to help others. They show citizenship towards people. Strong characters are and can be easily seen. They could be a classmate, friend, family member, teacher, church leader, anyone really. So if you stop and look and think about it, who seems like a strong character to you?

Essay #10

To me, character means many things. It’s how you live life when nobody’s looking. It’s being a true friend, someone loyal and trustworthy. It’s honesty, integrity, kindness and compassion. It’s the kind of person you want to know. One person I know with character is my principal, Mr. Z. He does things around school that nobody wants to do, like recess duty in the rain, or cleaning up other people’s messes.  He does all of this without complaining and it really helps our school. Character can be hard to have or find, but it makes the world a better place.

Essay #11

Character is associated with action, and serving others is the best way to demonstrate character. The Cedar Park Christian Basketball team not only has an outstanding record of 15-0, but also a record of service in the community. They have volunteered as a team in Cedar Park Church's Food Bank, volunteered their muscle for Housing Hope (a program which helps family's build their own homes), and hosted a benefit during their game for Royal Family KIDS Camp (a camp for abused and neglected foster kids). This raised enough money to send two kids to camp this summer.

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