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The BIG Vehicle Giveaway

Youth for Christ

About Youth For Christ

What is your Mission Statement?

Serving Kids in Tough Places. We do this through our 4 core ministries – City Life, Parent Life (teen moms), Juvenile Justice & Foster Care

What one story comes to mind for why you do what you do?

We met Raul two years ago when he first came to our drop-in center, The Spot. He was a troublemaker and was always picking fights. He was disrespectful to the staff and failing classes in school. We prayed for God to intervene in a powerful way.

One night last December, Raul showed up angry and upset. For the first time, he opened up and told us what was going in his life. Raul’s dad had been out of the picture for quite some time. His mom worked two jobs. He missed out on a lot because he’s had to take care of his baby sister while his mom worked.

On this particular day, he couldn’t take it anymore. With tears streaming down his face, he shared how he just wanted to be a kid again. “I don’t know what to do. I feel so alone! This is the only place that I feel I can come to and call my home,” Raul shared.

Thanks to your support, our caring staff and volunteers were able to come alongside Raul. They told him how much he mattered to so many people. What great potential he had. How they wanted to see him pass his classes. But most important, how much God loved him. After hearing all these things, Raul’s demeanor changed. He wanted to take the challenges we placed before him and turn his life around. “The Lord has done some incredible things in Raul’s life,” shared Amy Muir, City Life director. “He wants to make something of his life and make a difference in this world.”

Because of generous partners like you, Raul was able to attend our winter camp. He heard the gospel and his life was changed forever! He left winter camp with joy and a new passion for life.

Today, Raul is a student leader at our site. He’s passing his classes and has even become a team captain in sports! He’s also attending a church youth group regularly. He has big dreams and is watching God unfold a plan for his life. We’re reminded daily that God has a purpose for each one of us. Thank you for helping support our kids in tough places! It’s because of you, that teens like Raul have a chance to hear the good news of Jesus! You are a blessing!

What would you do with the vehicle if your organization won?

We serve low income kids throughout King & Snohomish County.  Many of these kids attend our City Life drop in centers.  We would use a van to shuttle kids from school to our drop ins…and then back home at the end of the school day.  We would also use the van for ministry to teen moms for pick up & drop off for this programming. 

What will the vehicle allow you to do differently than now?

We will be able to serve more kids at our drop in centers.  Due to lack of transportation, some of our kids can attend our afterschool homework clubs or events because of the lack of transportation.

How can supporters help get the word out about your organization?

Our website has current videos of all of our ministries.  www.YFCseattlemetro.com

Any other information you would like to provide and share with potential voters and SPIRIT listeners?

Our mission at Youth for Christ is to ‘serve kids in tough places’ through our City Life, Parent Life (teen moms), Juvenile Justice and Foster Care ministries.  We have numerous opportunities to volunteer and we welcome you to check out our website at www.YFCseattlemetro.com

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